“You should never need a list to make you feel beautiful, and I always personally felt beautiful, but people were telling me ‘you can’t play the hot girl’ or ‘you can’t play the sexy girlfriend’. So when I see myself on these lists, I just hope that every single ex-boyfriend of mine is kicking himself in the ass right now.”

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Crystal Reed teases season 3B’s big death

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"Darren Criss was bringing geek chic to all new levels of gorgeousness. His hair was looking much less well-groomed than in his Glee days, worn in a curly tousled style with a FULL ON BEARD OF DREAMS.
He looked smart and sophisticated on the red carpet in a flecked burgundy jacket and black shirt combo, paired with some cute glasses which we’d quite like to steam up, please."

—FOX All-Star Party (SugarScape.com)

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